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Man, keyboard players must be gluttons for punishment. Bassists only have to think about root notes, and guitarists can stick to playing chords or melody, but a keyboardist has to deal with all three, often at the same time. Not only does their brain have to cover the entire sonic spectrum, but their gear does as well. A good keyboard amplifier has to be equally capable at producing shimmery top end, punchy midrange, and thumping bass — and it needs to be flexible, transportable, and loud enough to compete with the rest of your noisy bandmates. The¬†Behringer K3000FX¬†Ultratone Keyboard Amplifier does all that, and more.

300 Full-Range Watts

Let your guitarist ask you to turn down for once! The K3000FX pumps 300 watts through two specially designed speakers that get every last hertz of tone out of your keyboards, synths, and digital pianos. A 1″ tweeter voices the high range, letting delicate chords twinkle and shimmer, while the 15″, Bugera-designed woofer supplies a solid, focused foundation for bass notes. The two speakers are mounted in a bass-reflex cabinet to keep things from getting muddy, ensuring an even response across your entire keyboard, no matter what patch you happen to be jamming on. Your band — and more importantly, your audience — will hear every note exactly as you intend them to — and isn’t that the whole point of amplification, after all?

Sound Sculpting And Effects

Sure, your keyboard has some on-board effects, and you’re pretty sure you can tweak EQ on your sounds, but who wants to page through menus when there’s jamming to be done? That’s where the Behringer K3000FX Keyboard Amp can come in handy. The “FX” in “K3000FX” means that this amp boasts an integrated 24-bit digital effects processing engine, with 100 fantastic-sounding, useful presets for you to jam with right out of the box. Reverb, flanger, chorus, delay, pitch shifting, and a ton of other effects are all at your disposal. Paired with the Ultratone’s 7-band graphic EQ, you’ll be able to fine tune the K3000FX to your exact liking, and carve out a space for yourself in the mix.

Doubles As A Portable PA

“My new Behringer Keyboard Amp sounds so good,” you’ll think to yourself, “I wonder if I can use it as a self-contained PA system?” Guess what? You can! The K3000FX features a four channel mixer interface that can either accept two stereo keyboards, a keyboard and two guitars, a keyboard, a mic, and an acoustic guitar, or any other small band configuration you happen to gig with! The XLR input on channel 1 allows for connection of high quality dynamic microphones, and each channel has its own effects send, so you can throw some reverb on the vocalist while keeping your instrument signals dry as a bone. Behringer even threw in their signature FBQ automatic feedback detection and suppression circuit to turn this multi-purpose design into a gig-worthy sound system.

Don’t rely on the sound guy to get you amplified. Get yourself a gigging-quality, high-headroom, fantastic-sounding amplifier at a great price from zZounds and Behringer. Grab a K3000FX Ultratone Keyboard Amp, and stop struggling to be heard.

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