Bespeco SLJJ Jack Mono / Jack Mono Guitar Cable

Brand: Bespeco



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One year Warranty

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Instrument cable realized with mono jacks with hot resin injected and shielded 6 mm. Cable available in black/orange. Length 3 mts/ 3mts right angled/ 4.5 mts/6 mts


  •    Cable Type: mono 6 mm.
  •    Cable Length: 3 mts / 4.5 mts / 6 mts
  •    Connectors Used: jack mono – jack mono
  •    Cables Colors Available: black/orange
  •    Packaging: Blister.



SLJJ300 – 3 Meters, SLJJ450 – 4.5 Meters, SLJJ600 – 6 Meters

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