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Boss TU-80 Guitar Tuner and Metronome Specifications:

  •   LCD tuner
  •    Built-in metronome with 7 rhythms and 10 beats
  •    Chromatic tuning
  •    Tunes 7-string guitars and 6-string basses
  •    Accu-Pitch function
  •    Reference Tone Play
  •    Tunes down to 5 flats
  •    Range of E0 to C8
  •    Ultrathin body.

Boss TU03

  • High-performance tuner and metronome in one convenient clip-on unit
  • Clips onto the headstock of a guitar, bass, ukulele, or other stringed instrument
  • Five selectable tuning modes: chromatic, guitar, bass, ukulele, and violin
  • Audible reference pitch function and support for flat and double-flat tunings
  • Advanced metronome with eight patterns and ten beat variations
  • Metronome beats are displayed on screen and sounded through a built-in speaker
  • Large backlit display and durable padded clip

Boss TU30 Features

  • Pro BOSS tuner and versatile metronome in one
  • Supports chromatic tuning, guitars, basses, and flat tuning
  • Convenient Accu-Pitch function sounds a tone when you’ve reached the correct pitch
  • Reference pitch function makes it easy to verify tuning by ear
  • Metronome features multiple rhythm styles and visual display
  • Instrument input for tuning electric guitars, basses, and other instruments
  • Built-in mic for tuning acoustic instruments
  • Runs on two AAA batteries

BOSS TU-12H Features

  • Highly visible sharp/flat LED indicators, tuning meter for precise information
  • Adjustable standard pitch from 440 to 445Hz in 1Hz increments
  • Built-in condenser mic for acoustic instrument tuning
  • 1/4″ input and output jacks for in-line tuning

TU-12H Specifications:

  • Reference Pitch : A4 = 440 to 445Hz (1Hz step)
  • Tuning Range : C1 (32.70 Hz) to B6 (1975.53 Hz)
  • Tuning Accuracy : +/-1 cent
  • Connectors : Input, Output, AC Adaptor
  • Power Supply : DC 9 V Dry Battery, AC Adaptor
  • Current Draw : 20 mA (max.)





TU-03, TU-12H, TU-30, TU-80

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