Nektar Panorama T4 Midi Keyboard

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The name Nektar is synonymous with deep DAW and virtual instrument control, and their Panorama T4 MIDI controller keyboard takes the concept to the next level, giving you an unprecedented level of control over your plug-ins, mixer, and transport controls in any VST/AU-compatible DAW. Your mouse will collect dust as you browse and load patches and take charge of the parameters directly from your T4, its LED Instant Feedback display keeping you up-to-date on the status of everything. Use the included maps or create your own to control instrument plug-ins. Explore powerful performance tools like the T4’s chord, hold and note repeat functions. Savor the silky feel of the T4’s second-generation Panorama keybed with aftertouch and five velocity curves, the responsiveness of its pressure-sensitive LED color performance pads, the smooth throw of its nine faders and eight encoders, and the confident click of its eight assignable LED buttons. The Nektar T4: your music production command center awaits.



Superb 2nd-generation Panorama keybed

Your Panorama T4 boasts Nektar’s second-generation Panorama synth-action keybed. The keys are dampened and meticulously balanced for medium activation force across the keyboard. There is also a choice of five velocity curves that shift the tension from soft to hard to suit any playing style. Further, a fixed option lets you set velocity values via controls such as the pitch and mod wheels. Assignable aftertouch makes it effortless to modulation sounds while playing two-handed parts. The first-generation Panorama keybeds received high marks among Sweetwater musicians. Now the T4 takes expressiveness and playing feel to a new level.



Beats to go

If you’re a keyboardist, you’re already a finger drummer — which means you’ll love the Panorama T4’s eight large velocity and pressure-sensitive performance pads. The ideal vehicle for beat creation, the T4 pads are extremely expressive. Triggered at a very low threshold, they will flawlessly capture ghost notes and flams. You can also calibrate each pad individually for optimal performance. For use as MIDI trigger or toggle buttons, the pads can be assigned any MIDI note number or MIDI control change (CC) message. And assigning sounds is dead easy. Simply activate Pad Learn, select a pad, play a note or drum sound on the keyboard and it’s assigned. The Pad Bank Button left of the pads gives you access to another eight pads, for a total of 16 pads per pad map. Eight pad maps are always available for instant recall.


Nektar Panorama T4 MIDI Controller Keyboard Features:

  • 49-note 2nd-generation synth-action keyboard
  • Velocity and aftertouch sensitive
  • 4 velocity curves plus 1 fixed (adjustable)
  • Pitch-bend, Modulation wheels
  • Octave shift buttons
  • Key Repeat and Pad Repeat Buttons
  • 9 x 30mm faders
  • 8 assignable LED buttons
  • 8 assignable encoders
  • 4 navigation buttons plus shift for another 4 assignments
  • 6 LED transport buttons
  • 10 user-configurable presets
  • Mixer, Instrument, Multi and Internal mode buttons
  • 8 velocity- and pressure-sensitive LED color performance pads
  • 5 pad velocity curves plus fixed (adjustable)
  • Pad Bank button for access to 8 additional pads
  • Custom 128 x 64 pixel LCD display with adjustable contrast
  • 1/4” TS jack foot switch input (MIDI assignable)
  • 1/4″ Expression pedal input (MIDI assignable)
  • MIDI Out 5-pin DIN socket
  • USB-to-host, USB bus powered
  • USB class-compliant (no driver needed)
  • Bitwig 8-Track DAW software included

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