Roland CM-30 Cube Monitor

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Roland CM-30 Cube Monitor, which delivers 30W of audio punch through a rugged high-quality 6.5″ coaxial 2-way speaker with stereo preamp. The CM-30 is designed for home-studio and wide-ranging monitoring applications but it can be used for live monitoring onstage as well.


The CM-30 offers more than enough inputs to simultaneously connect a microphone a keyboard a rhythm machine and a CD player or to function as a mini-PA rig. It’s equipped with 3 input channels with one XLR mic/line input and 2 additional aux RCA and stereo mini-phone inputs making a total of 5 simultaneous inputs possible (4 stereo and one mono input). The Stereo Link function allows 2 CM-30s to be linked for true stereo output which enables a total of 10 inputs.


Sound can be further refined with the CM-30’s onboard 2-band equalizer. As with all other controls the EQ knobs are conveniently located on the front panel for quick access.

The CM-30 can be easily and safely toted from location to location thanks to its built-in handle grip protective metal grille cover and cabinet corner protectors. Other handy features include a stereo headphone jack and mic stand adapter.

Roland CM-30 Active Cube Monitor Amp Specifications:

  • 5″ coaxial 2-way speaker with stereo preamp
  • 30W output
  • 3 input channels with one XLR input for mic/line and 2 additional aux inputs
  • Stereo Link function for stereo connection between 2 units for a total of up to 8 stereo inputs and 2 mono mic/line inputs
  • Metal grille cover corner protectors and handle grip for easy transport.


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