Roland GK-KIT-BG3 Divided Pickup Kit




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A complete kit for converting your bass into a Roland bass synthesizer controller.

If you love the bass you have, the Roland GK-KIT-BG3 Divided Bass Pickup Kit is the cleanest way to enter the world of new sounds that the Roland GR-55 has to offer. This kit includes all parts for permanent installation of a GK-3B Divided Pickup into a bass guitar: a GK-3B Divided Pickup, circuit board, switches, power indicator LED, 13-pin connector, wiring and hardware. Supports up to six-string basses. Professional installation is required. GR-55 not included.


  • Everything you need for a clean divided bass pickup installation
  • Supports 4-, 5-, and 6-string basses
  • Works perfectly with the Roland GR-55 (not included) and other 13-pin guitar/bass synths and midi converters

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