Roland TD-25KVX Electronic Drum Kit

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The TD-25KVX is a highly playable mid-range electronic kit, combining an acoustic-influenced look with electric creative capabilities.

Powerful, Versatile Sound Engine

An advanced SuperNATURAL sound engine forms the backbone of the kit. It’s derived from Roland’s excellent TD-30 V-Drums series. This is packed to the brim with drum kits and percussion, allowing you to customise every element of your set as you see fit.

You’ll be navigating the kit via an intuitive, streamlined interface, building personalised kits in no time at all. There’s even an in-built recording function, allowing you to capture your sessions for production or practice purposes. This is especially useful if you’re working on a particular skill and want and easy way of judging your progress.

Acoustic Look & Feel

While the kit is obviously electronic, it takes some visual cues from its traditional acoustic cousin. The bass drum boasts an 18-inch, genuine acoustic shell (with an integrated pad system) – providing a realistic look and playing feel.

This is combined with hi-hats mounted on a normal acoustic stand (delivering natural motion, and performance techniques), while the cymbals feature a traditional swinging motion, choke control, as well as edge, bow and bell sensors/triggering.

The 12-inch, 2-ply mesh-head snare contains positional sensing – highlighting every nuance of your playing – and cross stick/rim shot playing is also possible, leading to a kit that responds in a similar way to a standard set. Each of the tom pads feature a dual-mesh design.


  • USB host port allows for MIDI/audio communication with your laptop or computer etc.
  • Harness the power and versatility of the SuperNATURAL sound engine – modelled on the TD-30 V-Drums range.
  • Play along with songs (MP3 or WAV’s) or record your performances as audio tracks straight to a USB memory stick.
  • An 18-inch acoustic shell on the bass drum provides a traditional acoustic look and feel.
  • Cymbals boasting natural swinging motion, plus edge/bow sensors, choke control and bell triggering.
  • Hi-hats mount on a normal acoustic hi-hat stand, offering a realistic movement and playing feel.
  • Three 10-inch PDX-100 dual mesh tom pads are responsive and highly playable.
  • 12-inch, 2-ply mesh-head PD-128S-BC snare pad features positional sensing and can be played using a rim shot/cross stick.
  • An intuitive, hands-on interface allows you to customise each element of your kit to your exact liking.


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