Sabian B8X 2 Pack 14/18

SKU: B8X 2 Pack 14/18
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Sabian 45002X B8X 2-Pack Cymbal

Sonically matched in the SABIAN Vault, the SABIAN B8X 2-Pack includes 14″ B8X Hi-Hats and an 18″ B8X Crash. A perfect set for the serious and discerning beginner who needs larger cymbals that the B8X First Pack. Precision formed, hammered and lathed for pure, tonally tight sounds, B8X is the bright, cutting sound of pure Bronze at a low price that makes your first move into this precious metal an easy one.



  • The world-leading series for quality bronze cymbals at a very nice price
  • Sonically matched tight, bright sounds that deliver
  • An ideal introduction to Bronze cymbals



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