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Authentic organ feel and tone with deep control.

Designed for gigging keyboardists, the Yamaha YC61 is an ultra-compact organ synthesizer that doesn’t compromise on authentic sound, touch and design. Musician’s Friend is excited to introduce this option to keyboardists who have been looking for the perfect road-ready stage keyboard. We know you’ll love playing and customizing the powerful YC61 to your exact taste.

Yamaha’s iconic VCM engine models vintage organs

While the design of the YC61 is compact, it is packed full of classic organ sounds. Yamaha’s proprietary Virtual Circuitry Modeling (VCM) organ engine recreates the circuits of vintage analog EQs, compressors and phasers to capture every nuance. It reproduces classic tonewheel organ behavior and character. Throw in the VCM Rotary Speakers for even more authenticity in the sound. Still not satisfied? Adjust the key click, leakage, rotary speaker speed and more to get the exact tone you want to play.

Waterfall keyboard delivers authentic action

Yamaha did extensive research and development to deliver a perfect feel from the waterfall keyboard. Using feedback from top keyboard artists, the waterfall keyboard has authentic keyboard action that accommodates proper organ technique. Play acoustic and electric pianos, synth leads, brass sections and more, all expressively and authentically.

Yamaha innovation gives you freedom of choice

The YC61 intuitive interface gives you fast and easy splits, layers and sound-shaping all from the front panel. Want to record your session? The built-in USB and MIDI interface lets you record to a DAW and play and monitor virtual instruments. Lastly, nine see-through drawbars with customizable LED lighting illuminate simulated upper and lower configurations and play in split mode. With the drawbars, you unlock more sound, more flexibility and more choice, with all the footages and ratcheting you’d expect an organ to have. Plus, these drawbars can turn into controls for Yamaha’s FM (Frequency Modulation) Organ. You’ll get clear, pure sound with massive low end that you can customize with a rotary speaker or amp sim effects.

A new way to play on stage

The YC61 is the synthesizer you want on stage with you. Weighing just under 16 pounds, it delivers all the sound, feel and technology you need to make your next show shine. Durably built, the YC61 is ready for the road when you are. With Yamaha’s long history of making organs, it’s the organ synthesizer you can count on. Get yours today from Musician’s Friend.


  •    The VCM Organ engine provides vintage organ character by modeling component-level circuit behavior
  •    VCM Rotary Speaker features two authentic rotary speaker sounds with customizable speeds, balances and more
  •    2 Ch. USB Audio/MIDI Interface for audio recording and playback & MIDI control
  •    Dual 1/4″ AUX line inputs connects second keyboards, mobile devices and more
  •    Four-zone Master Keyboard mode lets you control external hardware and software
  •    Yamaha Stage OS updates enhance features and add new instrument Voices
  •    FM Organ provides pure synth sound with massive low end and simple drawbar control
  •    Dual Keys Sections provide realistic acoustic & electric pianos, strings, brass & more to real FM DX EPs & synths
  •    Nine FX processors let you customize the sound on the fly with dedicated panel controls
  •    Waterfall keyboard provides authentic organ touch, ideal for “squabbling,” “palm glisses” and more

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